The crazy story of photographing 6000 species

The goal of all this is to simply get the public to finally wake up and pay attention.

Joel Sartore (twitter) isn’t the sort of guy to do something half hearted. When he realised that there are nearly 6,000 different species of animal in the zoos of the world he decided to photograph, well, all of them. Sounds crazy, but thats the sort of dedication that brings about change in the world.

Without knowing which the species will go extinct there was simply no way to choose which ones to capture in images. The only option was to go for all of them.

It’s a pretty ambitious project to say the least. He has been working on it for nine years so far, and is only half way though (at 3,050 species). As the project progresses it’s being built into an impressive online collection called the Photo Ark. (My favourite has to be this male Sumatran orangutan!)

If you want to get involved and help support the project you can do it by buying a print from the project. At just $40 each they are alarmingly cheap for fine art prints!

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