Are you really a photographer

or do you just have a nice camera? 

Being a photographer is about a lot more than having a nice camera and knowing what the buttons do. It's about knowing how to take a photo that will stand out, inspire an emotional reaction and be remembered years later. In this book you will learn:
  • Who you should take photos for
  • What to take photos of
  • How to take photos that are remembers
  • Why to take photos at in the first place
  • Where to show off your photos
  • When to listen to your clients

Which all leads to one thing: Taking great photos!

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In the media

By helping you to identify for whom you are taking photos and what they want from them, it helps you to take better photos, and to ‘be’ a photographer.


Not since Sontag's 'On Photography' and Barthes', Camera Lucida have I found a book that has really managed to jog loose inspirations and introspection on this level. What does it actually mean to be a photographer, and how does your photographic journey change as you take on new audiences for your photographic output? Or, put differently: Who are you taking photos for, and how does that affect your photography?
Young takes you through his thoughts around matching up your audience, your photographic technique, and your photographic skill levels, and overlays it very neatly on a typical timeline for photographic development - with some incredible insights into what it means to 'be' a photographer.
Whatever 'being a photographer' means to you, this is a great read, whether you are - or want to be - a photographer...
A must-read for anyone looking to make more out of their hobby but not sure how to start. It is clear, concise, to the point and doesn't take ages to read. It leaves out confusing jargon but offers tips which leave you wanting to find your own inspiration. A definite one to recommend to anybody with a camera wanting to move from taking good pictures to doing something with them.

About the Author

Laurie has been a photographer for 14 years. Starting out as a physics student at Imperial College (where he also ran the photographic society) has found the technical side of photography much more straightforward than understanding why photographers are motivated to take certain photos. He has spent much of the past 14 years ago trying to come up with a good answer.

As a photographer Laurie has been published in various UK titles including The Times and Time Out, as well as working with some of the top dancers and dance groups in the world.

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