Genesis Project

Sebastião Selgado's Genesis Intent


My goal was not to go where man had never before set foot, although untamed nature is usually to be found in pretty inaccessible places. I simply wanted to show nature at its best wherever I found it

With these words Sebastião Selgado introduces his latest work, Genesis. His stated intent is for it to be an “inspiring overview” of the planet Earth, as well as “a call to arms to protect it.”

Great photographers always have an intent behind their projects, something that inspires them to continue with the work – which in this case saw Salgado on the road for 8 months of the year, every year for 8 years. As the general public we don’t always get to know what the intent is. Too often it’s a mystery what was going though the mind of the photographer as they looked though the view finder, or sat in their editing suite, looking though the thousands of photos trying to decide which ones to keep and which ones to consign to the nearly-there-directory on the hard disk, never to be seen again.

Selgado’s Genesis is a fantastic body of work, one in which he has used all his skill and experience to bring his intent to life. It’s a project that, he hopes, will inspire thousands, tens of thousands or even more people to answer the call to arms and protect the planet.

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