Ewa with Henna Tattoo

Ewa – Henna Tattoo


Ewa asked me to capture her amazing henna tattoo before it faded. I’d met Ewa a few months previously. She was one of the models for a shoot i did with another photographer, Marcos Gali and we’d been looking for a good reason to do another shoot ever since.

I wanted to get something that was super warm, to compliment both the henna colour, but also her amazing hair. Technically it was pretty straight forward with most of the warm colouring being added in post.

Planning the shoot however was quite a challenge. A henna tattoo doesn’t last so long, so we needed to shoot as soon as possible after she got the tattoo. Both of us had busy hectic schedules, a common problem in London, which meant Ewa had to plan when to get the tattoo based on when we could do the shoot. Once we were in the studio we had a blast. Like in any studio shoot, posing the model is one of the biggest challenges. A studio simply isn’t a natural environment for anyone to be in, which makes finding a natural pose really difficult, and that’s before you add in the challenge finding poses that show off that pretty epic tattoo on her shoulder.


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