Taking good photos and Being a Photographer – The Book

Many people can take a good photo — in fact, many people can take a great photo. But this book is about something else. This book is about how to be a photographer, and that is about so much more than taking good photos.

Being a photographer is about so more than just taking good photos.

Being a photographer - taking good photos

To be a photographer, you have to understand more than just the image — you have to understand the interaction between the image and the viewer, and you have to choose what you want that interaction to be.

This is a short book. My intent is that it will take you at most a few hours to read from cover to cover. I hope that, by the end of it, thinking about the intent behind your photos has become a natural and automatic part of your photography


About The Author

I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years – something I attribute to my father, who has been a photographer for his whole career. While at university I was president of the Imperial College Photography Society. During that time I built a new darkroom for the society,  taught beginner photographers how to use their camera  and the darkroom, and set up a profitable business, using the profits to upgrade all the society’s equipment.

After university I went on to do production photos for a number of theatrical productions, including the London production of the The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. These days I’m focusing on dance photography, and I’ve set up and run a business helping dance photographers sell their images.

If you want to get in touch with me, please email me on [email protected] or use twitter, where I am @lry_photo

Read The Reviews

incredible insights into what it means to ‘be’ a photographer

Not since Sontag’s ‘On Photography’ and Barthes’, Camera Lucida have I found a book that has really managed to jog loose inspirations and introspection on this level. What does it actually mean to be a photographer, and how does your photographic journey change as you take on new audiences for your photographic output? Or, put differently: Who are you taking photos for, and how does that affect your photography.Young takes you through his thoughts around matching up your audience, your photographic technique, and your photographic skill levels, and overlays it very neatly on a typical timeline for photographic development – with some incredible insights into what it means to ‘be’ a photographer. Whatever ‘being a photographer’ means to you, this is a great read, whether you are – or want to be – a photographer…

Haje Jan Kamps, CEO Triggertrap

clear, concise, to the point

A must-read for anyone looking to make more out of their hobby but not sure how to start. It is clear, concise, to the point and doesn’t take ages to read. It leaves out confusing jargon but offers tips which leave you wanting to find your own inspiration. A definite one to recommend to anybody with a camera wanting to move from taking good pictures to doing something with them.

Stefanie Gabor