Why I won't be upgrading my Fuji X-E1

About two weeks ago my new camera, a Fuji X-E1, turned up in the post. I love it. It’s so much fun to use, its light enough to carry about with me without needing to head to the gym for a round of weights as preparation. It looks unobtrusive enough that no one stops and stares at me when I stop to line up and compose a photo. I’m heading to Rome for a weekend in mid December, and I can’t wait to see what photos I get.

So you might think that seeing first the the rumours and then the announcement of the X-E2, the upgrade of the X-E1, just days after I got my hands on my shiny new camera would have put a slight dent in my mood? Should I send it back for a refund (it’s still under the 30 days no-quibble return) and order the new model?

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